Record a presentation

How to Record a presentation with a GoPro?

GoPro from hero is widely used action camera from a long time. it offers a tiny display to check footage while recording and you get a great video quality with image stabilization. This camera can be used in many works but the best thing about this camera is to record presentation with camera and it surely works perfectly. If you are thinking that how to record with GoPro then we have some tips which can surely eradicate all issues. This method is reliable and effective too.GoPro

Equipment Required

In order to record a presentation with GoPro, the below given are equipment required which can surely let you know that what can a gopro do like a pro.

  • Get a GoPro Hero 4 model or 5
  • You need to get a frame for it
  • The jaw clamps will help in mounting
  • There are touch bacpac also required
  • At least 64GB memory card to record
  • Get a mic to record better sound

After getting all these items, you can easily get rid of every single issue and there is need of installing all at right places.

How To Use?

First of all, you should mount all in a manner that GoPro get the best shots possible. Even you can use many cameras to record a presentation. You can use the better battery because the in- built battery can record only for one hour continuously. Now, hit the record button in beginning of presentation and everything is done. Even GoPro movie can be made by using all the equipment mentioned above.