What Is Native Resolution Projector?

There is no doubt about the fact that a presentation isn’t possible without a projector. There is a huge variety available along with the type of it. You can easily find native resolution projector too but have you ever heard about it? Well, these are less used but these exist for sure. Basically, native and maximum are specs of projectors. Even you can find it in Projector for PowerPoint and other too.

native resolution projector

Getting A Deep Dive

You may know that all the projectors have a small display inside which is in-built and it can be any from DLP, LCD or LCOS). Each one has own resolution. Basically, the projector convert all those signal coming into native resolution and this process is called as scaling.

Basically, the project downscale resolutions or upscale it to match up with the quality of projector. As if you are watching 1080p content on a 1280×720 projector then it will downscale the content. However, you have 640x480p video then it will upscale the resolution without compromising the quality. It works perfectly and a good option to have in all the projectors. There is a required amount of lumens needed for projector to work perfectly.

Is it good or not?

Well, the quality of the video will be improved because you can watch low-quality video on better size but if the downscaling process is going then you can also get the better quality. It is not about the quality, it is all making the video fit in the frame of the projector so you get the right size of need and don’t face any sort of issue. It is the best thing about projectors.