power in society

What are Types of power in society?

Lots of people have the question that why some people get so much attention in society even they are not so good at their work nor they have millions of dollars. So, what makes them different from other and shining all around?

Got the same question? Well, don’t feel tensed and worried about it because you can do the same by knowing the basic trick or method used by them.

There are totally six types of powers and each one is divided on the basis of working and effectiveness.

6 Types of Power in Brief

As told, each power differs from the previous one which makes it better and interactive. The below given are all of them and you can find why they vary –reward power

  1. The first one in our list is reward power and one of our examples can help in knowing about it. Basically, when a boss cracks a joke the employ can laugh on it but maybe the neighbor doesn’t. It make boss feel better and sort of rewarded.
  2. Coercive power is the next one and it is totally the opposite of fist one. In this type, the ability of giving punishment makes someone more powerful. On the other hand, coercive power is effect for short term and short period of time.
  3. The power of referent relies on what role models get. When someone want to copy other from lifestyle to job and everything then it shows a complete reflection and make someone gain referent power.
  4. Legitimate power is next one and this power comes from the position in society like being a politician, cop or anything else. It make someone advantageous than other.
  5. Knowledge power is also one of effective one and one person become expert in knowledge with some sort of great knowledge in enormous amount.
  6. Information power is similar to previous one but it is totally the power of words and how things work and all.

You can easily find any of these things in a person and mostly politician have many power of these which make them better.

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