What are Types of Speech?

Very few people know that fact that there are many types of speeches which make someone better and different from a person that is conveying same type of speech from years. The variation is really an important thing otherwise being an awesome speech giver is typical thing.

All the types in Quick

Demonstrative SpeechesThe kinds of speech are many and you can easily find that no one can differ from the below given types. Almost every person has the ability of conveying these types mostly.

  • Demonstrative Speeches are highly used and these are to educate audience which can make everything easier.
  • Informative speeches are similar with previous one but these vary in few manners. These doesn’t have demonstration thing which make Informative speech better than others. Even it has few examples which can help you know more about it –
    • Computer program offering tutorial.
    • A tour guide giving information.
    • An AA teacher talking about history
  • Persuasive is the next type which is similar to informative speeches and it is type of public speaking but it is different in few manners. In this type, the speaker gives a review and tells about thinking. These things make a speech better.
  • Standup comedy show lies in entertaining speeches and these are highly popular due to lots of comedy show going out there. People with good humor mostly do standup comedy show and this is one of the common types to find.

Standup comedy show

These are all the types of public speaking and each one become great if speaker is using right equipment and stand with confidence.

Bottom Line

All the types mentioned above are widely popular and if you want to be someone who will give speech then focus on body language and movement more than anything else.